Whenever I recall a particular moment in life, I always associate it with scent – how a person or a room smelled at the time always remains vivid in my mind. Moved by the power of this connection, I wanted to create a way of setting the mood for any occasion.  
  • Sitting at home with the fire on, a nice glass of red wine and soft jazz in the background
  • Entertaining loved ones, creating a sense of homeliness and contentment 
  • Relaxing in a warm bath to escape the everyday stresses of life and unwind
All experiences in life can be enhanced with scent. Every moment can captivate your mind and emotions, provoked purely by fragrance.
2204 was created by myself, Simon Gallacher. From working as a tour manager in the music industry and being 6’2, broad shouldered, shaved head, tattooed all over with a thick Scottish accent – having a love for fragrance is probably not what people expect of me. However, I find it intriguing how a smell can change every situation. For instance, the self-confidence I feel when wearing a new cologne for the first time – I wanted that to be experienced by everyone
As much as I love perfumes, parfums and attars, those are all subjective tastes. It has always humoured me how taken aback people would be when I correctly guess their perfume, often finding it peculiar and sometimes awkward with it too.

Being a true believer in that any choice of scent should be comforting to myself and those around me, this left a gap to be bridged. How do you bring comfort when you are not physically present? And then it came to me, enable the capability to make any room smell as great as I like to smell – remove the personal aspect at the time and place, yet share that sense of comfort throughout for everyone to rapture.

After hours, days, weeks and months of trial and error, experimenting and refusing to accept anything short of perfection, I finally arrived with what I believe to be the best smelling candles on the market.
2204 is project of passion, a soothing creation to allow your home and that of your loved ones to smell nothing short of fantastic. All candles are 100% vegan, cruelty free and sustainable. Using ethically sourced soy wax, carefully selected scented oils and fully recyclable packaging. Being vegan and sustainable are both very important as we only have one world. 

The 22nd April 2017 is the day I made one of the biggest decisions of my life, one I swore I never would - the decision to tattoo my hands. I distinctly remember a close colleague of mine saying "Don't let the candle of life burn out and you have any regrets." From this statement, I took it onboard and made the jump. This would be me visibly marked for life and for all to see. Since that day, I've never looked back, been happier or been busier work-wise. 
2204 - a true turning point in life, steering me in the direction I continue to follow. That of freedom, self certification and genuine happiness.
Sometimes the people who need the most convincing are ourselves...