Custom Candles

Custom Candles

Do you have a special occasion approaching where you feel a personalised candle would be appropriate ? A wedding, a gathering of loved ones, or maybe just a personalised gift. Please reach out to us with your ideas to discuss. We can customise all ideas in terms of receptacle, scent, labelling, etc to ensure the product is exactly as you desire.


Are you an artist, a business owner, a musician or anyone who feels a candle could be a great way to reflect your work or art? Please get in touch to discuss all potential collaborations.  


Do you have a particular jar or container (not necessarily having once been a candle) that you would like to be refilled or turned into a candle ? Again, please get in touch to let us know what you are thinking. We can refill your jar with the exact scent you want, giving you a new candle & restoring your original container. 

All 2204 jars can be re-filled & will receive a 30% discount in doing so.